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Innovation360: Showcasing Dentistry’s Latest Advancements

By: Jack Nguyen, MS, DDS

Welcome to the forefront of dental innovation! With a rebranded modern look that connects young dental professionals and experienced leaders, the 2024 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention (RMDC) has become the regional epicenter of dentistry’s latest advancements, bringing together industry pioneers, trailblazing companies, and visionary educational professionals eager to explore the latest frontiers in dental excellence.

RMDC has set the stage for a groundbreaking experience with its inaugural course – Innovation 360. This event brought together seven companies to showcase transformative products that push the boundaries of what’s possible in dentistry. The course aimed to explore practice-shaping trends that span dental products to offer patients, clinicians and dental practices. Each company was given 10 minutes to present their innovative products to a packed room of 200 engaged attendees. After each demonstration, audience members were quizzed on their product knowledge and awarded prizes including gift cards and product samples.

In case you missed the inaugural session of Innovation 360, here is a summary of the cutting-edge products presented:

REMastered Sleep specializes in airway health and introduced a novel product called REMplenish Myo-nozzle. Made of medical-grade silicon, the nozzle attaches to a drinking straw to exercise the tongue while drinking your favorite beverage. With improved tongue posture and better airflow, REMplenish can effectively reduce sleep apnea. By introducing advanced solutions, REMastered Sleep aims to contribute to better sleep quality and overall respiratory wellness for individuals looking to improve airway health.

PerioProtect, a company focused on gum therapy, recently introduced its latest product, IRx trays. The key features of IRx include a prescription custom tray that seals the gums enabling medication to debride below the gum line. This approach aims to optimize minimally invasive treatment outcomes while reducing the impact on the patient’s comfort and overall experience during clinical care.

Cocofloss marked a significant transformation in its identity, rebranding as Cocolab. Cocolab introduced a new product package known as the Smile Care System. This comprehensive system includes three key products: Cocofloss, Cocobrush, and Cocoshine toothpaste using nano-hydroxyapatite. The introduction of the Smile Care System reflects Cocolab’s commitment to providing environmentally sustainable oral healthcare products.

Biolase, recognized as a global leader in dental lasers, introduced a next-level product known as the Waterlase Fractional Handpiece. This innovative laser technology extends beyond traditional dental applications, allowing dental professionals to perform skin resurfacing procedures. This FDA-approved handpiece leverages advanced laser technology to provide precise and controlled dermatological resurfacing, offering dental professionals a versatile tool for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. Biolase’s
Waterlase Fractional Handpiece represents a leap into the realm of skin resurfacing, showcasing the company’s expertise in dental laser technology.

Dr. Jen Natural is a dental company offering Super Paste, which features a significant step in toothpaste formulation – it contains 10% nano-hydroxyapatite with sodium fluoride. By offering nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste with a scientifically backed concentration of this clinically proven, remineralizing agent, Dr. Jen Natural positions itself as a provider of modern oral care solutions, contributing to the maintenance and enhancement of caries-free oral health.

InnoBioSurg works in the field of dental implantology. During Innovation 360, they shared with the audience one of their new developments, the Magic Sinus Lifter, a specialized tool that improves the efficiency of sinus lift procedures. Used with the Crestal Membrane Control (CMC) technique, The Magic Sinus Lifter facilitates flapless sinus lifts for bone grafting. InnoBioSurg’s tools and techniques enhance the precision and outcomes of sinus lift procedures and dental implant placements.

Prosites is a comprehensive marketing and dental website company offering a range of services to dental practices. One of its recent developments is Prosites Reviews, a reputation management system designed to assist practices with managing multiple online review sources. Prosites Reviews enables dentists to actively engage with patient feedback, address concerns and leverage positive reviews to strengthen their online presence. The emphasis on reputation management reinforces a commitment to helping dentists build trust and credibility within their communities.

With a new line-up of game-changing companies jockeying for next year’s Innovation 360, it was clear this platform offered dental professionals exposure to a diverse range of exciting dental products presented by bold innovators. It provided a unique opportunity for networking, learning and staying abreast of the latest trends in our dynamic profession. My warmest thanks go out to the participation of key industry players who contributed to the event’s success in delivering a comprehensive exploration of innovative products shaping the future of dental healthcare.

Jack Nguyen, MS, DDS, is a researcher, private practice clinician and patent recipient for the invention of the Microtray. He earned his Master’s degree and doctorate from the University of the Pacific in San Francisco, CA and continues to provide clinical care part-time. Now in his 14th year of practice, Dr. Nguyen enjoys engaging with leadership roles to advance education and healthcare innovation.

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