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Founded in 1897, the Metro Denver Dental Society (MDDS) is a professional association devoted to the advancement of the dental profession and oral health awareness. We pledge to provide the highest level of service to members, offer educational opportunities, promote ethical standards of practice and advocate for the health of our communities. Our 2,000+ member dentists, representing more than 70% of all the licensed dentists in the metro Denver area, are dedicated to the patients that depend on them for care by influencing positive health outcomes with unrelenting attention to quality patient care. We endeavor to improve the well-being of all individuals by promoting optimal, lifelong oral health in metro Denver. MDDS is a not-for-profit component society of the American Dental Association dedicated to providing the most up-to-date industry information to the dental community it serves.


MDDS is the oral health authority committed to its members and the community of the Rocky Mountain Region.


MDDS is dedicated to supporting our members, promoting the highest ethical practice of dentistry; providing continuing professional education.


MDDS is governed by a Constitution and Bylaws. Click here for more information on these.

All actively practicing MDDS members are licensed to practice dentistry in the state of Colorado. Among the benefits provided to MDDS members are continuing education, legislative liaison, peer review and patient relations programs, community service programs, inter-professional and public relations, insurance benefits, financial and legal services, a staff referral service, subscriptions to local, state and national dental publications, and a professional library, in addition to other services. From people to organizations, MDDS will help you get in touch with whomever or whatever you need.

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