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The BioDentist Way™ Dentist & Assistant Certification

by | Jun 21, 2022

The BioDentist Way™ Training & Certification — Oct 2022

This October 7-8, Dr. John Augspurger and Dr. Judson Wall will be hosting the inaugural BioDentist Way™ Dentist & Assistant Certification at the HUH Institute in Denver, CO. This training features assistant instructors Carroll Hale and Tiffany Layland, CDA.

16 ADA APPROVED c.e. credits provided by Goldman Dental Management

Sponsored by The Human Universal Health Institute, Swiss Dental Solutions (SDS) dental implants, and Fotona® dental lasers.

The need for more biological dentists has never been greater as people everywhere have become more aware of the mouth to body connection. Dentists and their teams now have the opportunity to learn the protocols and treatments championed at BioDentist, so they too may serve their patients with the wisdom of biological dentistry.

Dentists will learn

— principles of biological dentistry
— what is unique about the mouth
— The Mouth to body connection
— diagnosing conditions in the mouth
— the role of the Extra Cellular matrix
— Conditions for bone healing & vitality
— How Toxicity inhibits health
— the role of the gut & microbiome
— biologically sound protocols

Assistants will learn

— how to assist a biological dentist
— creating 3D cone beam images
— best practices for assistants
— differences from traditional dentistry
— introduction to the Fotona® laser
— supporting wounds and healing
— how to use ozone
— biostimulation (laser light therapy) fundamentals

Everyone will learn

— biological surgical interventions
— biocompatibility in the mouth
— biological Dental Implants
— scientific evidence and research
— fundamental ozone training & Demos
— fundamental laser training & Demos
— wound healing and bone regeneration
— mercury removal protocols
— integrating and protecting the body