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As the dental profession starts down the road to recovery after the mandated suspension of non-emergent and elective medical and dental procedures due to COVID-19, MDDS strives to provide members with the tools they need to safely and successfully practice dentistry. Check this page frequently for updated resources. 

Clinical & Safety Resources

PPE Guidance Poster

Make sure your team is protected with the proper PPE with this easy-to-follow guidance poster from Colorado’s Back to Work Task Force

Download the poster here.

When a Patient Tests Positive for COVID-19

Guidance from the ADA on next steps if a patients tests positive after dental treatment.

Download next steps here.

Understanding Mask Types

Guidance from the ADA on mask types and usage in the dental setting.

Download next steps here.


Understanding Contact Tracing

How to notify people/ patients who may have come in contact with COVID-19.

Download contact tracing guidance here.

Avoiding Counterfeit Masks

Guidance from the ADA on red flags and signs of a counterfeit mask. 

Download counterfeit guidance here.

Contact Tracing & HIPAA

ADA guidance on what is permitted under HIPAA in regards to COVID-19 contact tracing. 

Download HIPAA guidance here.

N95 Fit Test & Seal Checks

Guidance from the ADA on how to ensure your N95 respirator is sealed properly.

Download seal check guidance here. 

Practice Resources

NEW! Mask Non-Compliance Tips

Tips on how to diplomatically handle a patient, vendor or guest who refuses to wear a mask when entering your practice.

Download the tip sheet here.

Employee Screening Form

Use this form from the ADA to log employee temperatures.

Download the form here.



NEW! Checklist: Disability Accommodations

Steps to take if an individual refuses to comply with COVID-19 policies due to a disability. 

Download the checklist here.

COVID-19 Signage

Signage for your office to promote social distancing and encourage face coverings. 

Download the social distancing sign.
Download the face covering sign. 

Patient Return Guide

Let patients know what to expect when returning to your practice with sample patient communication, social media posts and signage.

Download the guide here.

Website Video

Inform your patients of safety procedures with this no-cost video for your website. 

Download the video here.

Patient Screening Form

Screen patients prior to their dental appointment with these questions from the ADA.

Download the screening form here.

Article: Patient Communication Tips

Patient communication and marketing tips from Fortune Management.

Read the article here.

Wellness Resources

Self Care Checklist

Making time for self care is more important than ever. This checklist provides daily actionable steps to make self care a priority. 

Download the checklist here.

Article: Building Resilience

Dr. Laura Brenner discusses tips for building resilience during the pandemic. 

Read the article here.



Burnout Podcast

ADA’s Beyond the Mouth Podcast discusses years of research behind provider burnout. 

Listen to the podcast.