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Expanding Opportunities: CrossPurpose Launches Dental Assisting Program

In the bustling metro Denver job market, the demand for skilled healthcare professionals has been a pressing concern. Dental assisting emerged as a top job opportunity among the standout roles identified in the Colorado Workforce Development Council’s (CWDC) 2022 Talent Pipeline Report. This insight and direct feedback from industry professionals echoing the need for more dental assistants ignited the impetus for CrossPurpose to develop a specialized Dental Assisting Program.

CrossPurpose, a dynamic organization committed to transforming lives through career training and community development, recognized the potential impact of addressing this job market need. Their decision to introduce a Dental Assisting career track was strategic and aligned with the career aspirations and pathways that resonate with their participants. The roots of this initiative run deep within CrossPurpose’s ethos of supporting individuals through tailored education and skill development. As dental assisting emerged as a sought-after career choice, CrossPurpose saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between job demand and workforce readiness. By creating a training program that blends online education with clinical experience, CrossPurpose aims to equip its participants with the essential skills needed to step confidently into roles as dental assistants.

“The dental track at CrossPurpose was born out of a dual need—the demand for skilled dental assistants in our area and the desire to provide viable career pathways for our participants,” remarked Steve Steele, Vice President of Admissions, Recruitment, & Career Advancement. “We are committed to helping our ‘Leaders’ thrive in growing industries like allied health, where opportunities for professional advancement and upskilling abound.” The program’s design integrates personalized coaching, hands-on clinical training, and online coursework to cultivate a robust foundation in dental assisting. Leveraging the framework of CrossPurpose’s Personal Development curriculum, which emphasizes comprehensive skill-building and personal growth, the Dental Assisting program ensures that participants gain technical proficiency and develop critical soft skills essential for success in healthcare settings.

The launch of this program signifies CrossPurpose’s ongoing commitment to address the evolving needs of the local job market while staying true to its mission of serving individuals from underserved communities. By providing specialized training in high-demand fields like dental assisting, CrossPurpose aims to support its participants on their journey out of poverty and catalyze positive change within the community.


CrossPurpose is looking for more externship partners! Would your office be interested in hosting an externship for a CrossPurpose Leader? CrossPurpose is looking for partners to host externships offering full-time hours for 3-4 weeks. The goal of the externship is to allow CrossPurpose Leaders to develop and practice the clinical skills used by Dental Assistants before stepping into their first job.

To learn more about how you can support CrossPurpose Leaders and explore opportunities to collaborate, please reach out to Billy Blankenship, Career Training Manager, at

As the inaugural cohort of CrossPurpose’s dental assisting program prepares to enter the job market, local dental practices and healthcare facilities are encouraged to consider hiring these skilled graduates. By hiring CrossPurpose graduates, employers gain access to motivated, well-trained professionals and contribute to the broader goal of building a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

CrossPurpose invites employers to partner with them in creating pathways to meaningful employment for individuals who have undergone rigorous training and are poised to impact their chosen careers positively. By hiring CrossPurpose graduates, dental practices can benefit from a diverse talent pool enriched by unique perspectives and a shared commitment to community-driven success.

To learn more about how you can support CrossPurpose graduates and explore opportunities to collaborate, please contact Caitlynn Slocum, Employer Support Manager, at

In conclusion, the launch of CrossPurpose’s Dental Assisting Program marks a significant step towards expanding opportunities and fostering economic mobility for individuals in the metro Denver area. CrossPurpose continues to champion inclusive growth and empowerment within the community by bridging the gap between job market demands and workforce readiness.

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