The image describes that the web page contains resources for those dentists less than 10 years out of dental school.
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If you graduated from Dental School less than 10 years ago, the ADA considers you a new dentist. Below are some new dentist resources to help make the transition from dental student to dentist a little smoother.

ADA Reduced Dues Program

Dues are $0 at the national level in your first year after of dental school and, if you remain a member, reduced rates continue for the next four years!

If you earned your DDS or DMD in 2018, your year 1 is 2019.

Year 1: You pay $0 in dues.
Year 2: You pay 25% of full national dues.
Year 3: You pay 50% of full national dues.
Year 4: You pay 75% of full national dues.
Year 5 and thereafter: You pay the full national dues amount.

Recent graduates who enter into a graduate or residency training program within the five years following dental school graduation pay the graduate student rate of $34 a year during the program, and are eligible to either begin or resume the Reduced Dues Program schedule upon completion of their training.

The New Dentist Committee

The New Dentist Committee (NDC) works to connect recent graduates, younger dentists and anyone who has recently joined the dental profession. It is a dynamic group that provides great opportunities for networking and innovation in dental practice. Current or future CDA members interested in volunteering may contact the current committee members or the CDA.

ADA New Dentist News

ADA New Dentist News is a quarterly publication, distributed as an insert in the ADA News as a member resource for new dentists and dental students. For more information about other ADA resources especially for new practitioners, or for a membership application, please contact the ADA New Dentist Committee at (800) 621-8099 or by email at

New Dentist Now Blog

A blog where new dentists can keep up with their colleagues, stay fresh on issues in dentistry and find out about events. And don’t just read about it, post as well. You are invited to contribute.

Student Loan Refinancing

Save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan with low rates and an addition .25% discount for ADA members when you refinance with Laurel Road. Current fixed vary between 3.25% and 6.77%. 

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