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Provider burnout is more common than anyone would like to admit. MDDS has teamed up with certified career coach, Dr. Laura Brenner, of Lolabee’s Career Coaching, to offer two professional development groups. The Mindful Dentist is for member dentists in practice for 6 years or less, while the Empowered Dentist group is for mid-career dentists or those in practice for more than 6 years. Both groups provide support, discuss wellness strategies and have the goal of avoiding burnout and helping find long-term career satisfaction. Click below to learn more and sign-up.

Mindful Dentist

The Mindful Dentist is a six-month professional development group for new dentists with a goal of career longevity specifically designed for dentists who have been practicing six years or less.

Empowered Dentist

The Empowered Dentist is a six-month professional development aimed at helping you rediscover the passion that drew you to dentistry and help you regain career and personal satisfaction.