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Member Spotlight: Andrei Ionescu

Dr. Andrei Ionescu
Timber Dental Care
Thornton, CO

What inspired you to be a dentist?
Growing up I was always drawn to medicine seeing my mother serve as an incredible, dedicated nurse. While I didn’t know much about teeth at the time, I did reason there’s one heart, one brain but 32 teeth. Sounds great for job security!

What is one experience you are grateful for that you would not have had without your career in dentistry?
I traveled to Kenya in the summer of 2019 and it really opened me to the world out there. Alleviating local villages of dental pain and infection for two weeks also helped my mindset and made me realize how grateful I am to be part of a profession that can help those in need.

How do you think growing up in a family that immigrated to the US has shaped your outlook, even your practice of dentistry?
Immigrating at a young age has shaped how I view patients of all cultures, ethnicities, races, genders and socioeconomic statuses. Acceptance and practicing non-judgment of all people has foundationally shaped the high level of care we offer our patients at Timber Dental!

You started a practice last year; can you share a piece of advice for someone thinking of starting their own practice?
Maintain a healthy body and mind by working out, eating healthy and intentionally creating/scheduling fun time for yourself. This is the key to taking care of yourself and enjoying the process of building the practice of your dreams! Make your 9-5 the same as your 5-9 by creating a positive, fulfilling work environment.

What dental technology innovation are you most looking forward to/excited about?
I love how CBCT 3D imaging has become the standard of care. We can be so much more precise when diagnosing.

Where do you see the dental profession headed in the next five years?
Continuing to innovate and create a more comfortable, seamless experience for patients. The old stigma of being afraid of the dentist should be gone by then.

What would you be doing if you were not a dentist?
Starting slot wide receiver for the Denver Broncos!


Dr. Andrei Ionescu grew up in Michigan where he pursued his undergraduate education from Michigan State University. He then trained for his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at Midwestern University in Chicago. Dr. Andrei has volunteered in Kenya, Dominican Republic and Mission of Mercy to make a positive impact for those in need.

He enjoys the outdoors, particularly hiking and skiing, as well as cheering on the Michigan State Spartan teams. He also spent time overseas to become certified in mindfulness and yoga instruction. After spending most of his life in Michigan, he is happy to call North Denver metro his home in the last few years and continues to serve as an active member of the community.


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